The Women Founders

Sofia Erica Lane

Chief Creative Director

Coming from a long line of Royal matriarch healers, Sofia has spent most of her life refining the sacred art of healing and ritual. Being brought up in a family that centers around Javanese spirituality and practices has given her the tools to nurture her own healing abilities, and to not only help herself but the women around her.

As a proud single mother, Sofia has faced many trials and tribulations, the most poignant being running away from the Royal family with her four-year-little Prince, back to her Australian homeland. That pivotal moment in time forever changed Sofia and made her into the resilient woman that she is today, it is the reason why she is so passionate about helping mothers.

The subsequent period in her life to follow inspired a deepening into going within and understanding herself, she did this by exploring and learning different modalities of healing from various mentors. Combining all her knowledge established a deep desire to bridge the gap between her ancestral roots and modern-day science. Samoedra is a long-time dream in the making, Sofia hopes that by highlighting the neglected areas of women’s well-being, fundamental change will follow. Sofia is on a mission to help women take the first step into the evolution of their womanhood and start healing from within.

Ivanna Salehudin

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Malaysia with a background in finance, Ivanna has experienced her fair share of trials and tribulations. Having experienced infertility in the past, it still amazes Ivanna that she’s a mother to three young children today. Her youngest daughter was diagnosed with Prader Willi syndrome at two months old which immediately turned Ivanna into an advocate for the cause. Raising a special needs baby with developmental delays has been a challenging but rewarding experience for her.

After uncovering the postnatal depression she experienced with her first two pregnancies, she began her journey of self-discovery and healing. With the help of experts in the field and an inner wisdom stemming from her Javanese heritage from her father’s side, this eye-opening experience was a turning point where she made it her purpose to further uncover and understand the challenges surrounding life as a woman. A lover of good conversations, she is ever so keen to convey and have thought-provoking dialogues on her discoveries.

The coming together…

After meeting on a double date 20 years ago, their friendship grew from strength to strength, and have been each other’s support system ever since. One would describe their relationship as the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, left brain, right brain, Ivanna likes to say, “We don’t dwell, we do”. Now with five children between them, they’ve experienced it all together, from marriage, motherhood, baby blues, divorce, and all the adventures in between.

It all began with an idea, a need in the market, and a missing piece in the puzzle for better postpartum care. They recognised that women were looking for a more holistic approach to health solutions for different stages in their lifecycles. As Sofia and Ivanna began searching for these solutions, they discovered that there are many things that weren’t known to them about the journey of becoming a woman.

Sofia and Ivanna both share the opinion that more needs to be done to help women. As they dived deep into the scientific research of women’s health, they realised that it was important for not just postnatal women but for all women to be equipped with knowledge about how their bodies work and why.

Women are the soul and backbone that keeps everything together, usually making sure their loved ones are cared for before their own, leading to an unbalanced state of well-being. Knowing this has inspired Sofia and Ivanna to create a curated line of products and a platform for women to bring light to various topics and discussions in hopes that it will help others in their journey through womanhood – and so, Samoedra was born.